Single Massage Therapy session

Single Massage Session

(This is not a long term solution for pain or tightness that has persisted for longer than 6 months.)

The goal is to reduce pain, tension and stress over the short term.

These sessions are great for those looking for a single massage therapy session that offers short-term relief from  pain or stress. 

These sessions consist of a short health history intake and assessment, massage therapy, using general Swedish massage techniques and non-Swedish massage techniques, such as myofascial release, joint mobilizations, frictions and  fascial work, and ends with a self-care or exercise recommendation.

For long term relief from persistent pain, ask about our chronic pain relief programs.

Booking Details

Receipts for insurance will be provided. Payments via cash or e-transfer only at this time and can be paid upon arrival. Online booking is available. Please fill out the Massage Therapy Intake & Consent Form when booking to speed up the intake process during your first session. Arrival information will be noted on your confirmation email.

Late Cancellations & No-Shows

I do my very best to be on time and prepared for your appointment. I ask that you do the same. Please respect my time and the time of other clients by being on time for your session and book all appointments when you know you will be available. Please do not book if you are on-call or if you may possibly be called into work or called away. If you are late for your appoitnment, the treatment will end at the original time allotted. 

All cancellations must be made 18 hours before your appointment time. Any late cancellations or no shows less than 18 hours before your appointment, will be charged a 100% cancellation fee

The cancellation policy also applies to rescheduled appointments. Once an appoinment is rescheduled (for any reason), the cancellation policy is then in place for that appointment and 18 hours notice is required. If the appointment was reshceduled within the 18 hour time frame it is then considered confirmed and any last minute cancellation will be subject to the cancellation fee, exeptions being within the first hour after resheduling.

Otherwise, true emergencies are the exception. If you begin to feel sick the eveing before your appointment, please text me as soon as possible at 416-346-7607 to let me know you won't be coming in for your appointment the next day due to sickness. No charges will be applied in this case. Forgetting your appointment or late cancellations due to scheduling conflicts will be charged the 100% cancellation fee. After 3 late cancellations or no-shows, you will be discharged and no longer able to book appointments.

As the practitioner, I alone will determine the charges applied per cancellation and I reserve the right to make changes to the cancellation policy at any time and for any reason. All changes will be posted on this site.

Covid Policy

The clinic space will be cleaned and sanitized according to public health protocols for rmt's prior to each appoinment. Masks are never required for healthy clients or practitioners, but you are welcome to wear one if you chose. If you have any cold or flu symptoms and your appointment is within the first 48 of the onset of symptoms, please reschedule your appointment, as masks may not be worn as an alternative. If you are immunocompromised and need any further precautions, please let me know before the day of your appointment. You are not required to share your vaccine status with me, however, I may ask about it if you are showing signs of vaccine reaction/complications when we discuss your health history. This is only to give you the appropriate treatment or recommendations and will be charted as such. This information will not be shared with anyone unless I have your expressed written consent.