Seeking Roots Wellness is not your average massage clinic

"Here at SRW, my goal is to help those who have been suffering with chronic long-term pain for years, find long lasting relief."

Are you:

  • Experiencing chronic stress and pain in your body?
  • Tired of the treatments that don't work?
  • Discouraged by health care professionals that don't listen to you and gloss over your pain, telling you it's all in your head?
  • READY for a comprehensive action plan that gives you clarity and support, typical massage or passive therapy can not give you?

I recognize that your pain carries an important message. 

Where other health professionals have already done everything in the book to silence and suppress your pain, I have the unique ability to help you hear, perhaps for the first time, the important message carried in your pain. By learning how to honor this message, you will discover new and unexpected possibilities for your wellness.

My name is Lana Cummings, and I'm so glad we've found each other.

Very early on in my career, it became clear to me that typical massage therapy does not offer the clarity or support that chronic pain patients need. Today, as an RMT & BodyMind Coach, I can offer you an amazing massage and supportive training system that will teach you how to pivot out of your pain and stress and and enjoy a pain-free life of comfort and ease.

Long-Term Relief Consult Session $165 (90 minutes)


Intake Consult - Here we discuss your pain, stress and struggles at length and chat about your goals and objectives with regards to treatment. 

Physical Assessment -  This helps me see how your body moves in function and dysfunction in relation to your pain and stress. 

Massage Therapy - You will receive a massage treatment using my own unique brand of myofascial and mobilizing techniques that help me get deep into the tissues and release stubborn adhesions and restrictions that typical massage techniques do not address. 

Self-Care - After releasing some of the restrictions and tension in your body, you will l receive an aligned homework assignment that will help keep you feeling good until our next session. 

Post Treatment Consult - In the last portion of our time together, we will discuss your next best steps and treatment plan options moving forward.


Treatment plans for chronic pain are structured as a 6 week container of support, designed to hold space and support you while you actively achieve your health goals. They are designed for those who have had chronic pain for 3 months or longer and have a strong desire to live a pain-free life.

These treatment plans include massage therapy and exercise coaching, as well as intermittent check-in communication and support in-between sessions, an exclusive exercise program, self-care routines and other digital resources, that will help you stay motivated, informed and on track with your home care.

This type of treatment plan structure creates an environment for safe, effective, supportive recovery that minimizes the risk of "falling off track", a common issue hindering the success of typical treatment plans.

One of the most valuable and unusual aspects of the program is the infusion of the BodyMind Connection Method. This specialized training helps you break old habits and patterns that are keeping you stuck in pain and teaches you how to create new healthy functional patterns that support and sustain you for the long term.

This uniquely designed program set a gold standard for treatment for massage therapists in Canada, and can provide long lasting and powerful results.


Treatment plans are 6 weeks in length and cost $997 CAD (+tax).

Since the purpose of the program is to help committed clients find long-term results from chronic pain and stress as quickly as possible, there are some guidelines that must be agreed upon for the program to work effectively.

Here is the fine print.

Each session is 90 minutes in length and includes the above mentioned outline. Typically the appointments are booked once a week and all 6 sessions must be completed within the 6 weeks. To keep clients committed to getting better and help them stay on track, we do not allow make-up or rescheduled appointments and we do not offer refunds or returns of any kind. However, we do take the time we need to make sure the program is the right fit for all parties before registration to ensure the best results. We do not guarantee results as there are too many factors to consider outside of our environment of care but rest assured, if the work is put in, the results will be notable.

As a bonus for registrants who sign-up on the day of their consult, we will waive the consult fee of $165 CAD. If registration is completed after the consult appointment date, the cost of the consult fee is due immediately upon completion of the appointment.

Payment for programs can be made via e-transfer, cheque, cash or credit card.

For more information or to chat with me before booking, please book a free Discovery Call. 

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