Sweet Surrender Retreat

"Into The Woods We Go, To Lose Our Minds And Find Our Souls" ~ John Muir

Have you ever felt...

Have you ever felt...

  • Like you just can't seem to make self-care choices that align with how you want to feel?
  • Overwhelmed by your "To Do List" and feel like that carrot of accomplishment is always just out of reach?
  • Like the weight of responsibility always lands on YOUR shoulders?
  • Like you WORRY and STRESS about the future more than you enjoy the life you're currently living in?
  • Like the world is racing forward and leaving you in it's dust?
  • Like your goals and dreams are just sitting on the shelf collecting this dust until one day - that magical day - you can dust them off and actually accomplish them?

[Enter] Sweet Surrender

On this 4 day retreat you will be surrounded by like-minded people, nature, delicious healthy food and fun activities and where you will learn how to:

  1. Shift out of stress and worry and release pain by listening to your body
  2. Calm those confusing, racing thoughts so you can discover what you truly want to get out of life
  3. Surrender to that quiet voice inside you so you can make choices that align with your goals and dreams

This is a 4 day retreat at a gorgeous private cottage in the Muskoka/Algonquin area. 

Here we will enjoy some of the amenities of a cottage experience, such as nature walks, kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, swimming, hammocking, good conversations, campfires, dock chillin’ and other cottage-y things, while we decompress from life and retreat and rest in the comforting hands of nature. 

We will spend time learning how to surrender to self by really getting to know ourselves and what we truly want and how to take empowering steps towards our dream life all while savoring the sweetness that comes from embodied living and intentional rest.

The retreat begins with a group coaching call via Zoom to get to know one another and to prepare for our 4 day retreat. Here we will learn our individual starting points and discuss what we would like to receive from the trip.

Date: Will Return Post Covid (Send me an email if you'd like to attend)

**Early Bird registrations are available.

To register, click the orange button below to schedule a Discovery Call so we can determine together whether or not this retreat is for you.